White Collar Crime

Minneapolis white collar crime attorney

While state court crimes are investigated by the local police, federal crimes are investigated by the FBI, SEC, IRS, ATF, DEA, and others.These agencies have almost unlimited investigative resources and access to the most sophisticated crime labs in the world.  An effective defense depends on having a criminal defense lawyer with experience and expertise in federal criminal defense and a commitment to his client, to uncover the weaknesses in the government’s case. I have been handling federal criminal cases for over 25 years.

White collar cases are more complex and difficult than a routine criminal case.  Typically, a white collar case involves allegations of a crime committed by fraud or trickery, rather than by force or violence.  They often involve intricate regulations, accounting issues, and huge amounts of paper. Government case agents assigned to analyze the voluminous financial documents that often typify a complex white collar criminal investigation may themselves be attorneys, or accountants, or both.  I have represented individuals in a large number of white collar cases involving such charges as:

  • securities fraud 
  • mail fraud
  • wire fraud
  • bank fraud
  • mortgage fraud
  • embezzlement
  • money laundering 
  • tax evasion 
  • insurance fraud 
  • Medicare fraud  

By way of example, among my federal white collar cases:

  • I won an acquittal on all charges following a month-long trial in a case alleging conspiracy to evade taxes, mail fraud, and ERISA fraud. 
  • I represented an attorney charged with embezzling client funds.  
  • I represented a stock promoter charged with securities fraud by manipulating the price of penny stocks.  
  • I  traveled to Australia to investigate allegations of mail fraud and tax evasion relating to the sale of opals.  
  • I represented a hedge fund owner charged with securities fraud for making misrepresentation to his investors.
  • I represented a personal care assistant charged with Medicare fraud for inflating her bills to Medicare.
  • I represented a bank executive charged with fraudulently flipping real estate.
  • I represented a store owner charged with laundering drug money through his store.

I have the experience and the expertise to handle complex white collar crime cases.