Pre-Indictment Investigations

Grand Jury Investigations 

Before bringing criminal charges, the government typically presents its evidence to a grand jury.  During the pre-charge or grand jury investigation, an effective criminal defense attorney can explain his client’s position, highlight the problems in the government’s case, and persuade the United States Attorney not to charge the client with a crime.  Once charges are filed, it is often too late; the prosecutor has already made up his or her mind.  An individual who is the target of an investigation, or who has been questioned by law enforcement, needs an experienced lawyer like me to protect his or her rights in the hope of avoiding charges entirely. Even when the government agents claim that they are only interested in the client as a witness, it is crucial that he have an attorney to be sure his rights are fully protected.  

Among the individuals I have represented during grand jury investigations are

  • an attorney who traded in stocks which were the subject of an insider trading investigation; 
  • a suspect in a narcotics investigation who was intercepted on a government wire tap; 
  • the director of regulatory affairs of a medical device company being investigated for violating FDA marketing restrictions; and 
  • an accountant who prepared tax returns for a pilot charged with evading taxes. 

Robert Richman has the skill and expertise to help his clients navigate the minefield of a government investigation.