Mail Fraud / Wire Fraud

Minneapolis Federal Fraud Lawyer

Fraud includes any scheme to obtain money or property through deception, trickery, false promises or misrepresentations.  When, in the classic example, someone tries to sell the Brooklyn Bridge or swamp land in Florida, he has committed a fraud.

While false promises may give rise to a fraud, at the same time it is not a crime to be an unsuccessful businessman.  Many businesses fail, despite the rosiest projections.  When investors lose large sums of money on a business that went bust, the federal government may initiate a criminal investigation.  The crucial question becomes whether the businessman collected money from investors knowing that the company was doomed to failure, or whether he acted with the best of intentions, believing until the end that he would succeed.  Only the former is a crime. 

The federal government has jurisdiction over any fraud offense that employs the mail or wires.  Wires, in this context, includes telephones, television, radio, and the internet.  Given modern communication, one can scarcely imagine any fraud that would not be subject to federal prosecution.  Typically, however, the federal government focuses on large, complex fraud schemes.  Investigations can go on for years, and the resulting prosecution can result in lengthy prison sentences.

The defendant in a mail fraud investigation or prosecution needs the best possible lawyer to marshal the evidence on his behalf in order to convince the government or the jury that he did not act with an intent to defraud.  Robert Richman has 25 years experience successfully defending fraud cases in federal court.