Federal Criminal Defense

Minneapolis Federal Criminal Defense Attorney

While state court crimes are investigated by the local police, federal crimes are investigated by the FBI, SEC, IRS, ATF, DEA, and others. These agencies have almost unlimited investigative resources and access to the most sophisticated crime labs in the 

world.  Drug cases may make use of wiretaps or other electronic surveillance.  Cases may rely on sophisticated DNA evidence or other forensic techniques.   An effective defense depends on having a criminal defense lawyer with experience and expertise in federal criminal defense and a commitment to his client, to uncover the weaknesses in the government’s case. I have been handling federal criminal cases for over 25 years.

I have represented individuals charged with drugs, murder, assault, sex crimes, firearms offenses, bank robbery, burglary, and immigration offenses, to name only a few.  Drug and firearm offenses  often trigger harsh mandatory minimum sentences in the event of a conviction, sometimes resulting in punishments more severe than in a homicide.  Having a skilled advocate like Robert Richman, therefore, is particularly  important in these cases.

My recent cases include the following:

  • I represented the defendant in the largest bank robbery in the history of the FBI.  In pretrial litigation, I was successful in preventing the government from using mitochondrial DNA evidence.
  • In a case involving illegal possession of a firearm found by the police during a search of the defendant's vehicle,  I convinced the Court that the search was illegal. The court suppressed the gun and dismissed the charge.
  • I represented a highly decorated Navy veteran 
  •  charged with bank robbery.