Federal Judges

  • "You are a very fine lawyer with great skills. Lawyers with your talent and ability, especially given your approach to zealous advocacy for your clients, truly make the criminal justice system better."

  •  "You are an ace in the deck." 

Federal Prosecutors

  • "I rank him among the top 5 lawyers against whom I have worked.  He is a supurb writer, an impassioned advocate, and a great trial lawyer who has worked his whole career almost exclusively in federal court."

  • “Boy, did you have an uphill battle.  It’s really hard to believe your client was not convicted.  You did a fabulous job.”

  • "Mr. Richman is clearly one of the best defense attorneys against whom I have litigated.  He is a tremendous advocate on behalf of his clients, both in the courtroom, and in his written work.  In the courtroom, he combines passion and zeal with an incredible attention to detail.  Whether in arguments to the court or jury, or in questioning witnesses, he invariably identifies and exploits every possible weakness in the opposing case."

Federal Defense Lawyers

  • "Each time Robert tried a case, the first call I got was from the presiding Judge, complementing, and sometimes even raving about his performance.  That was followed by the jury's verdict, often in Robert's favor."  

  • "I can recall at least two specific instances when Robert's intellect and creativity led to solutions that no other member of the legal team envisioned.  On these occasions, his calm influence brought others to see the wisdom of his approach and he correctly persuaded members of the legal team to adopt what turned out to be the correct path."


  • "I have had relationships with many attorneys over the years, and Mr. Richman has one of the finest legal minds I have ever encountered--a fact which has made many of his associates refer to him as scary smart."

  • "At the end, when the verdict came in for full acquittal of all charges, Robert was as emotionally drained as I was.  I truly believe, that if not for his unshakeable belief in my innocence, his dedication and determination to represent me to the absolute best of his abilities, I would never have walked out of that courtroom a free man."

  • "When the trial finally started, Robert was consistently the calmest, best prepared and attentive lawyer in the courtroom.  He seemed to live and breathe my case for three months."

  • "Mr. Richman did a great job by proving I was innocent.  He goes out of his way to understand all circumstances in an equal manner.  He will do all what's needed to get the job done."

  • "Mr. Richman was not just a good lawyer in representing me; he is the best lawyer that I have ever known.  Prevailing was no small task as it was the only habeas corpus proceeding of its type that was successful in Minnesota Federal District Court in about 50 years."